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I own a 2004 S430. I am able to play MP3s on a CD that I created. Is it possible to copy MP3s to a DVD and play it (similar to the CD)?

Why does MB go into such great detail about the visual use of the DVD player in the manual if it never can be used? Maybe just a rhetorical question.

Is it possible to connect an MP3 player (like my iPod) to the SAT connection and have it play through that, or is that really dedicated ONLY to Sirius. I'd love to be able to wire my iPod to it so I don't have to either use the FM broadcaster (iTrip) or the cassette adapter.

I also see this stuff about drilling a hole for the Sirius antenna. Sounds pretty silly to me as the cable is strong enough to withstand getting routed under the rubber moulding in two other cars I've installed Sirius radios.

Thanks for any information.

Jim Bessette
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