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Apolgies for posting this twice (I originally posted this in E-Series group), but this is probably more appropriate for the tech talk group.

I have an E230 which is having problems with the cruise control system. Basically, there is an intermittent fault where the cruise control won't activate.

It ocassionally works if the car has been driven, then parked for several minutes ie. when the engine bay heats up, however most of the time it is inoperative.

I have sent the car to the Mercedez servicing department 3 times ("fixes" usually lasted for a period of minutes) and they are now telling me that they believe the fault may be with the HFM control unit. After spending several hundred dollars on their "investigations" already, I am reluctant to spend another $3,000 for the new unit, as per their quote. I was quoted a part #0195455932, but so far havent found any matches from any suppliers other than my Mercedez dealer.

Could anyone tell me if they have experienced similar issues, and how it was fixed? Are Mercedez dealers the only people who can source these parts? Is this something I could fix myself, or is it time to sell the car?

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