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I have a 1999 E320 with about 90,000 mi. I went out one morning and could not unlock car w/ remote key. After opening car manually all systems were dead. Checked battery was at about 2 volts.

After charging battery, I put an ammeter in series with battery and measure ~4 amps load. This is after all doors have been closed for 30 seconds and all interior lights are off. (I can see the current drop about an amp when the interior lights go off)

Then I pulled each fuse individually checking the ammeter after each was removed and saw no change in current draw. I pulled fuses from the driver's side under-hood fuse box, the under-rear-seat fuse box, and driver's side near headlamp switch panel and there was no change is current draw - it remained steady at about 4 amps. I also disconnected the trunk-mounted CD changer.

I did notice that the drain decreases to about 2 amps after the doors have been locked via the key remote.

Does anyone have any suggestions about what to do next?

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