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1993 SL500, 1998 SL500 Pano Top, 2005 ML270Cdi.
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Hello guys!

I wanted to ask your opinion on something like theese turbos: M278 Hybrid Turbo Upgrade Mercedes S500/550 W221, E500/550W212, CLS500/550 C218 –

I have a E550 estate, and wanted to get more power from the V8.

Could this work?

Also, do you maybe know what is the power limit for the stock injectors?

Thanks in advance!
I would be very wary about fitting one of these!
Firstly they just look like standard Garrett turbo chargers for a diesel vehicle (The wastegate gives it away). Mercedes 550 V8 engines should be fitted with a Supercharger as described here
1 - 2 of 2 Posts