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15 MB e63S AMG wagon
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Happy New Years
My wife and I just bought a 2015 e63S AMG wagon (~89k miles) upon arrival, we fell in love. It is an absolute driving beast. Our wagon also came with a stage 1 renntech tune. As first time AMG owners, we knew it would need extra special care. We did some research and found a shop Weistec even recommended. We made our first appointment for: oil change, new spark plugs, trans flush and differential flush. We had asked for new coil packs — as BMW owners we assumed it wouldn’t be a bad idea — but the shop told us MB doesn’t require new ones as much. They also didn’t have them in stock day of appointment. Before we left after our first appointment, we decided to go forward with the Weistec downpipes and stage 2 tune. Which required a half-down deposit.
Now fast forward to driving home: when I went to accelerate onto the freeway, the car started bucking like a wild horse (only 30% pedal). I was able to limp the car home by keeping it under 2000rpms and I always had the car in comfort mode. Called the shop and they welcomed it back the next day. We asked for them not to go forward with ordering the Weistec parts until this got resolved. Got it back to them in the AM and the boss was concluding that it was the wrong spark plugs (Bosch). As in, they weren’t pointing in the correct direction? and weren’t gapped properly for the tune. To me, that’s not what it felt like, but he insisted that these cars are just so sensitive. So said they’d replace them with Mercedes Benz plugs. He also mentioned that misfired spark plugs can cause the coil packs to go bad. And they had the coil packs in stock now. So, we went ahead with new coil packs.
Hours later and the car still wasn’t ready. Now, another shop owner came to tell us that they had actually put the wrong transmission fluid in!!! They had put in 3L Motul VI ATF. This owner was very apologetic and said that they would be taking it over to the MB dealership to have them do a complete fluid flush on it. He also offered to get us a rental car along with threw in the coil packs on the house. That made my wife and I feel better about the situation — knowing that the dealership would be looking at it and new paid-for coil packs after who knows what’s happened to the car. The next afternoon, the sales rep calls to inform us that the car is ready. Sounds good, right? Well, they were able to complete everything in house. A shop in the same complex has a flushing machine that they borrowed to do it themselves. Meaning, they did not take it to MB dealership after all. And they are also informing us that they’re going to have to charge us for the coil packs now. That completely rubbed us the wrong way and we were not wanting to pay for them. So the owner said he could have his tech remove the coil packs and it will be done in like 20 mins. We got there, asked for a detailed report on what was done and we left. On the drive home, the car seems back to when we had first gotten it. I checked under the hood and the left/passenger side air intake duct/hose was completely ripped.
Sorry to be long winded, but really hoping to have some good advice like what would you do? Tried calling MB dealership, completely forgetting it’s a holiday weekend.
Thank you!
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