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So far as I know there are only two chips available. First, there is the chip from Upsolute. Actually, they remove your chip and flash a new program into it. The cost is $500 plus $75 for the installation. The few dyno charts I have seen for this chip show little gain through most of the rev range with a spike in hp and torque at the top of the rev range. On the other hand, the owners of these cars report that they are satisfied with the chip. There are a few Upsolute dealers around the country where you can take your car or you can send the ECU to them.

The other chip is from Renntech. You must send the ECU to Renntech in Florida for it to be flashed. I have not seen any dyno charts for this chip. It costs about $1600.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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