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Enabling lock and unlock chirps

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Has anyone had the lock/unlock chirps enabled as described in the "How To" section of this forum? :?:

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Chirp, no chirp, yes I have, what is the question?

You have to visit the dealer, they may be willing to do it.
I like it better with NO chirp, as long as the keys are working properly :)
OK, with 79 views and only one reply to my query (and not even an answer), I am thinking I may be the victim of a newbe joke. :D :oops: :D
No, it is not a joke, but not many people have the settings changed for the chirp. The DAS computer must be used by a tech to enable the Netherlands setting in the rear SAM. Here is a pic of the DAS screen.

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Thanks, you know you can't be to paranoid. Are there any other functions or systems effected by making the change to Netherlands setting :?:

Thanks again.
Have read that when you switch to the Netherlands setting, you do gain a "chirp". But, you lose the panic button feature from your remote key.
Yes, Mark is right...

Thanks Mark
why try and analyze? the dealer has the sds they do it every day.
save the thinking for something important, just take it in and request for
the chirping to be shut off. 8)
My 2006 C350 was at the dealership for service, all I had to do was ask them to activate the "chirp" since they already had it in the shop. Now my car has the locking notification and they didn't charge me anything.

It's that easy.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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