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I don't normally whore myself out like this, but I've been involved greatly with the creation of this group years ago, and has been evolving and growing more and more. It started out as just a local vw/audi enthusiast site, but grew to involve all european cars.

Its mainly designed for the midwest scene, but that of course does not exclude anyone of outside to be a part as well.

So if any one here would like to have just 1 more place to talk and exchange european enthusiasm, hop on board because theres alot of us here. So any one here, regardless of mercedes class, is welcome to be a part of our community as well. Sometimes its hard to sit around 1 classes forum category and wait for some interaction :).

I really hope to see some of you there, would be great to have a stronger mercedes presence there ;). So far, id say its 80% vw, 15% audi, 5% bmw and mercedes.

Hopefully i dont get banned or shut down for advertising our group on here. Hope it isnt a conflict of interest or anything :).
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