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European delivery

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Hi all, first new topic here.

I'm thinking about getting a C230 Kompressor. Something I've toyed with for decades was the idea of European delivery. There's something about the idea of picking up and using my OWN car in Europe that's would just really make for a super cool vacation. And the MB museum and factory look like they'd be really fascinating to see.

Has anyone here done it? Any experience? What should I or should I not do in considering this option? What about hidden costs or benefits?

If I were to do it, it could be as early as this summer, or as late as next year. I'm not in a big hurry, and would like to do this right.

Your experiences would be interesting,
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I really wanted to do it, but I used all my money buying the car. I should have gotten a loan and went anyway. Curt Rich is a sales rep at a large dealer in Houston. He handles the European deliveries for his dealer. In addition, has done at least two European deliveries himself. Here are links to two articles by Curt which give much more info than the MBUSA web site, which is still very informative. If there is anyway you can do the Euro delivery, do it. I am still kicking myself for not doing it. I would have been there during October fest.
i have done it in the past and have found it to work great. first u get the car for a cheaper price anywhere from 5-10 thousand. and u also get to drive it in europe w/o having to worry about getting pulled over...
I quit considering MB when they discontinued the 5% discount several years ago, and have since taken Euro Delivery of two Volvo's (8%discount on most models), one of which was delivered to Germany for our vacation there!

Since then, MBUSA has "quietly" re-established their 5% discount (base MSRP) on several models starting a few months ago with the C (full range) and the CLK coupe. Since then they have added a few E models as well. :D

Might just consider it if they announce the same for the 2005 Diesel E320, but not holding my breath. Have not seen this listed on their site as of yet. Curious as to whether anyone has put a deposit on one yet.

Seems like most folks are getting just as good a deal by haggling with their dealers for cars already delivered to the USA, but for my family, the added incentive of having a personal car in Europe and avoiding the outrageous rental car fees (particularly on automatic transmission cars) has proven to be a deciding factor. A diesel on Euro Delivery would be the icing on the cake given the very high cost of petrol over there. I would think that MBUSA might do some sort of Euro Delivery special package to encourage folks to pick one up there sometime in 2004 upon their re-debut to the US market.

All in all its a pretty good deal if you were planning a driving vacation anyway. Just keep in mind you have the added "missed opportunity cost" of having a car on a ship for several weeks, and thus, not available for use while you are paying for it (the company obviously saves a good bit on interest and inventory costs.) Tthe waiver of the destination charge pretty well makes up for this.

Among other factors to consider is the $/Euro exchange rate which right now is pretty unfavorable to US tourists. Hoping this too will come around in the next year or so.

Interested to hear other folks views on this.


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