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Helms Brothers is awful

I brought my car to Helms Bros once for servicing and my first impression was a rather bad one.

Silver Star Motors directs you into their garage and you leave your key and a serviceman handles it from there. With Helms Bros you essentially find yourself in a crowded, tiny parking lot where it took literally five minutes for someone to figure out that they could tell you if it was even possible to park in the lot (plenty of cars blocking other parked cars, etc.).

After leaving your car somewhere and walking into the service area, you'll find yourself standing in what appears to be a tiny, crowded waiting area with a receptionist who isn't interested in talking to you, preoccupied somewhere else behind the desk.

I stood there for about 3 minutes without being looked at until I finally decided to walk out.

Contrast with Silver Star Motors which has a very large, reasonably furnished, comfortable waiting room and attentive service.

This is not, however, an endorsement of Silver Star Motors. Their salesman effectively lied to me and their service department carried on this lie for many months until someone finally levelled with me and told me the truth (he seemed pretty disgruntled himself). Their service department appears to have a high turnover rate, since of their 4 on-duty service reps, I've seen almost 3 different sets of them in 12 months.

I'm currently taking my car to Rallye Motors out in Roslyn. It's a bit of a trip but so far they've been courteous and forthright, plus they have a large facility and a good amount of parking.

Perhaps I should try Manhattan instead? (I live in Flushing)
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