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1982 Mercedes 300D TurboDiesel - 256,000 miles - $3,000 OBO

Frybrid Grease system ($1000 value) allows car to run on waste vegetable oil (WVO) or diesel. 20gal grease tank in trunk. Small switch by the steering wheel allows you to toggle between grease and diesel systems. Runs just as well on grease as on diesel!

Automatic transmission. Drives like a charm, especially great on the highway/long drives.

Car has had regular oil changes & tune-ups while I've owned it (2 years) and by previous owners (all maintenance records from original owner are in the car). Drive shaft carrier & bearings, muffler, front shocks, glowplugs, and front & rear brakes have all been replaced within the past two years.

Stylish wood panel interior -- very retro. Automatic windows (drivers' side window does not go down). Stereo (radio works, tape player sometimes works). Heat works.

Right side-view mirror needs to be fixed. Accelerator pedal is detached from the base of the car -- shouldn't be too much to fix, but I haven't gotten around to doing this.

Grey exterior. I have repainted some small rust spots on exterior with Rustoleum.

I also have a set of snowtires ($300 value) that are included with the car.

I'd like to sell this car quickly -- make me an offer!
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