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For Sale: 1982 Mercedes Benz 300 CD—W123 Coupe—plus parts and tools $4,000

The rarest of the W123 Models: 2.4 million sedans, 200,000 wagons, and 100,000 coupes were built between 1976 and 1985. This car is one of 1,985 300CD’s produced in 1982.

Gunmetal Grey with Blue MBtex interior.

I have owned the car for the past eight years and have done the following things to it:

• Swapped-in higher ratio 1985 rear-end
• Added water separator and additional pre-filter
• Replaced all axle shafts and flex discs
• Replaced timing chain
• Replaced head with rebuilt head
• Replaced battery (Twice)
• Converted AC to 134A complete with parallel flow condensor (Compressor has since frozen)
• Replaced injectors with WVO perfect Monark DN265 nozzles popping at 2125# (raised mileage 4 mpg)
• Replaced stock aircleaner with K&N style oiled cotton wrapped in oiled foam—Yuma dune rider style
• Replaced front suspension, wheel bearings, and brake discs and pads.
• Replaced oil cooler lines

When I bought the car the odometer read 292,XXX and was broken. I probably put a few thousand miles on the car before I figured out how to fix it. When I swapped the speedo with the one from the 1985 when I swapped the rear ends, I wrote “+180,000” on the 1985 that now reads 200,000. So my best guess is that the car has about 380,000 miles on it. All lubricants have been Amsoil synthetics for the past 100,000 miles that I have owned the car.

The engine is strong: a recent compression test showed two cylinders at 400, two at 460, and one at 480. The car can go up hills at 80-85 on the freeway but the front seal seeps at those speeds.

The paint is not original and was spayed on too thickly and is cracking in places.

At 60-65 it will get 35 mpg. At 80 and around town it gets 25.

My dream was to build a grease-rod and I have quite a collection of parts:
A spare engine (head off), hood, deck-lid, front fenders, transmission, radiator and oil cooler, original 1982 rear end, rear glass and good used seal, new front seal, new hard tranny lines, 80 amp alternator, set of 4 17” R129 wheels, battery tray, window motors, coupe seats, sedan seats, turbos, cams, injectors and their parts—including shim and spring and cleaning kits. Intercoolers, a 15 gallon saddle tank that goes behind the stock one—perfect for WVO-and we will find whatever I am forgetting when you come to get it all.

I also have an MB spring compressor and OM617 pre-chamber tools as well as a home-made pop-tester and the driver for the head bolts.

It’s a gorgeous car—the model I lusted after in high school—but when the AC compressor froze I needed a car with AC right away and bought a 2006 VW TDI and don’t have space for them both.

[email protected]
Pomona, CA, USA
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