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I have a set of 15" steel rims complete with great looking OEM Mercedes Benz wheel covers up for sale. They were only used a few months as winter rims on a 2001 C240 and they would look great on just about any newer model Mercedes car that uses the same size bolt pattern and offset wheels and can take a 15" rim. 15" rims are great for using as winter wheels as you can go to a slightly skinnier & higher profile tire (which gives you waaay better snow & ice traction) and keep the rolling radius the same as the stock tires.

Both the rims and wheel covers were only used about 3-4 months and only had about 3000 miles put on them and are in mint condition. No curb rash, dings or scratches on any of them. A set of these Merc wheel covers costs around $310 CDN (~$265 USD) at the Dealers. I don't know what the rims would cost from a dealer but I know they'd cost at least $50 USD each new from any wheel shop or even at Walmart. That would make the total package worth at least $550 CDN or $465 USD new. These are as close to "new" as you're ever going to find at used prices. Check out the attachments and see for yourself what their condition is like. I'm asking only $200 USD O.B.O. plus shipping for the whole lot of 4 steel rims and 4 OEM Merc wheel covers.

I live in Canada (Calgary, AB). Shipping can be done cheap and easy within Canada via Greyhound Bus. If you might be interested but are worried about the shipping costs because you live in the USA then you should talk to me about it because I might have a very inexpensive (and legal) way of getting them transported into the USA and then shipped from your side of the line.


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