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Here's the little story..

My car is 2002 C320 W203.. of course I did have the original UNclear Xenon headlights... then I bought custom aftermarket Bi-xenon from steve.. but then till 3 months ago, I had a car accident.. and they had to change a brand NEW headlights for me, so I got these 2004 W203 Bi-xenon Headlights, FYI 2004 W203 Bi-xenon came with Xenon Bulbs and Ballast too...

the Bi-xenon is Brand New, since My car has just been out from the mercedes dealer shop 2days ago, so I took it of and put my original UNclear headlights into my car.. since I'm planning to sell my car.. after the accident... :cry:

Give me an offer that I cant refuse...



Forgot to Mention : I'm selling my Clear Fog Lights Too..
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