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garage door opener

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I live in Canada and we use different frequencies than the states...has anyone in Canada go info on programming the garage door openers :(
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I live near Toronto and I programmed the homelink easily, just follow the instructions in the manual. Hold the button on the mirror till it flashes and then press the button on the remote (my garage door opener is a Liftmaster). If that doesn't work you may have to press a code button on the opener itself and push the button in the car at the same time ( you need two people). My cousin has an SLK and a Chamberlain garage door opener and that's what he had to do. Hope yours works !!!
thanks -- I'll give it a try when I get home tonight...

i seriously have no idea what feature you're talking about. :oops: do all coupes have it, or is it just a canadian/brit thing? automatic garage door opener-synching? sweet!
I think all the c230's have the homelink transmitter. It's built into the rearview mirror. There are three buttons that you can program them with anything that uses an infared transmitter. For example your garage door opener or a gate opener. It's really handy, you don't have to carry your remote control in the car anymore !!!
i dont really know how to program my mirror garage door remote. i tried what it said on the instructions but it says to hold down (B) but it points to a battery? is there supposed to be a button on the remote like that? or is it like the button that opens the door?
You need to push the button on your remote (the one that opens your garage door) and while you are holding it push buttons (I don't remember one or two) on the mirror... When they start flashing or something like that (check the manual) - it has been programmed :)
Just takes forever

Key needs to be "on" (pos 1 or 2)
The button sync takes longer than your patience.
hold and wait for the flash indicating sync (forever, maybe just a full min).

BTW the manual says some won't work. call 1800 FOR MERC
i found it took about 1.5 minutes which does feel like forever
Garage opener programming

I too had a hard time with a Chamberlain Security Plus door opener, neither of the routines in the manual worked. As it turned out the method that did work was a combination of both. Try this link, if that fails keep calling 1-800-FOR-MERCEDES till you get someone who knows there stuff, there are some helpful persons there if you can find them. I have a PDF file with some Canadian instructionsin it I could e-mail you.

Good Luck
thanks craniusmaximus, I have updated my profile with email address -- if you could send me the .pdf I would appreciate it
thanks! :)
this doc from homelink was very useful...many other forum members may find it useful too
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