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Gas Mileage

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I've had my C230K since May and I don't know about everyone else, but my gas mileage SUCKS. I have an automatic and so I expected it to be a little worse than standards but even after driving mainly on open highways my car still only gets about 19 miles/gallon. Any suggestions on reasons why this may be happening?
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I have the 6-speed but agree that for city driving I'm getting about 18-19 milles/gallon -- which is lower than the brochure states.
I'm getting great mileage on the highway though.
I'm mainly city driving and my commute to work is really stop & go...I tend to bolt out of the green lights so I think some of the poor mileage is self-inflicted...that said I expected more like 23-25 miles/gallon

BTW - I'm adjusting my mileage discussions in the forum to the US gallon which is smaller then the imperial gallon we use up imperial gallons I am getting about 22 miles per gallon :wink:
vaca22 said:
I took a trip from CT to ME once with my girlfriend, and averaged 32.9 MPG. I was like 8O
Not bad at all :lol:
Fuel consumption - 6sp vs 5sp


I am considering the C230K and doing some research on this.

I found it interesting that, from fuel consumption rating in Canada, 6sp M is rated at 12.3 L/100km (19.1 m/us gal), whereas 5sp auto is rated at 11.1 L/100km (21.2 m/us gal) for city driving. These figures are based on 2002 model (i.e. 2.3L engine)

Anyone know why auto is more fuel efficient for city driving? :?: Usually, it is the other way round.


p.s. Just for completeness, 6sp m is rated at 7.5 L/100km and 5sp auto is rated at 7.7 L/100km for highway.
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A modern multi-gear electronically controled auto with a lock-up torque converter will get better mileage. It is going to shift consistently at the optimal rpm's while the driver of a manual will tend to leave the transmission in a lower gear than needed or somtimes higher than required. Also, the lock-up converter greatly reduces the power, and therefore fuel, consumed by the old style converters.
I get relativly good gas milage with my benz. I have an '03 C230 and going to and from work I get 26 mpg and when I go to my girlfriends house I get 30+. Driving to work is what you would call city and my girlfriend is similar to highway. (50+ mph)
Gas mileage is measured at 50 MPH for the US last I checked and city is like 25. Now this is driving as conservatively as possible and in the best possible conditions. So if you are a few off the average that was calculated then you should be fine. I have a Neon and a Saturn now and the Neon is supposed to get great mileage, but the way I drive it gets about 18 in the city and 25 on the highway, several MPG less than it should. The Saturn on the otherhand is pretty close to the rating, only 2 low. I will let you know when I get my MB.
I get 30 mpg while traveling 80 mph. Not too shabby :lol:
I've read on other forums that a number of people have increased the air pressure in their tires by a few pounds resulting in improved gas mileage.
I just traded a Jetta TDI (Diesel @ 43 MPG) for my 2002 (leftover) C230. Just filled the tank for the first time since the dealer filled it. I travel 98% hwy commute to work, so I'm hoping for 30 MPG. I have the Automatic. Also, I notice that the dealer only had about 19 PSI in the tires (I have the 17" tire package). I immediately inflated to 30 PSI and might go higher. Anyone do similar driving at get good reliable mileage? :?:
The best mileage I have seen is 34 mpg on the highway.
It blew me away since this was much closer to the mileage
I got from my 90 crx si.
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