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Gas Pedal Low Engagement Point?

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I am very seriously considering getting a 2003 C230 6 Speed. However, i test drove an auto the other day, and it was very weird. The first half of the gas pedal, you would press it and it wouldn't do anything. After that, it would operate properly. I don't know if this is normal or girlfriend's old 190E is exactly the same way. Can i expect this on a new 6 Speed? I've also read that it may be because the throttle by wire adjust to the driver, and a dealer demo probably gets driven very softly. Please advise. Thanks, Mike.
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I noticed this as well in my recent test drive of an auto. If was hard to work with, not very intuitive.

Any comments?
I have a 2002 (6 speed) and there is "NO" play in the gas pedal. My only problem is not watching the tach and hitting the rev limiter. Great car and a blast to drive.
Good luck and do try the 6 speed.
Testers for the various auto mags and tv shows all complain about the wierd throttle on almost all MB's.
Does yours do the same thing?
The throttle problem doesn't seem to be present in the six speed manual transmission cars. I did have an automatic coupe for 77 days while waiting for the six speed. I did get used to the strange throttle. I suppose I just pushed it down farther.
I have the 6 speed manual tranny in my coupe and I have no play at all with the gas pedal. I think it may be an auto transmission issue. I did drive 2 BMW cars (for a charity event...not my choice), and I noticed that the gas pedal on the automatic did not respond until it was pressed down at least an inch or so. I also have a 190 w/ manual transmission that doesn't have a delayed reaction. If I recall though from driving a friend's 190 w/ auto transmission, there might have been some travel there. I'd say if you haven't bought your car yet and you can drive manual, just get that. It's more fun anyway.
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