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Let's face it - the first thing we all going to do after the quarantine is over is getting outside to spend some quality outdoors. That's why it's the right time to get your Mercedes ready for the next road trip. Look through the G3 selection of cargo-carrying products and find the right solution for your ride.

This Italian company has been on the market for 45 years, which means that you can rest assured about the quality, durability, and durability of its products. All G3 parts are engineered with high responsibility using top-grade recycled materials with a focus on ecological and environmental aspects. Today. this brand offers a wide selection of roof bars, cargo boxes, roof rack systems, bike carriers, wheel covers, and more. Their perforation system allows mounting these products by following the easy instructions.

G3® - Frame™ Trunk Mount Bike Rack for 3 Bikes

G3® - Absolute™ Roof Cargo Box

G3® - Clop Railing™ Airflow Roof Rack Systems

View the complete selection of G3 Products for Mercedes G3 S.P.A.™ | Car Roof Bars, Boxes, Racks, Bike Carriers —

Gear up for your next road trip with G3!​
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