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Gobs of w123 parts that I am clearing out

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I have collected parts from many w123 chassis cars over the last 20 years. I have owned over 5 of them and bought several more just for parts as I needed to or had the opportunity.
The list and description is just too long for this forum so I have listed the ones I am no longer interested in at


I am hoping to not have to sell them for scrap. With a few exceptions I am offering these parts by the pound - $1.00/pound for aluminum parts and $0.10/pound for steel parts. I hope someone can get some more use out of them. I also have a lot of parts not listed so please feel free to ask. When my current wagon finally bites the dust, probably in another 10 or 20 years, or I can't get parts anymore to keep in running I will say goodby to it and move on. Meanwhile my collection of extra parts is for sale. The pictures posted here are selections that show what I think are the more interesting items I am offering - everything from engine parts to body parts to . . .

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Welcome to the forum.
As a suggestion, go over to our sister forum and post there as well. W123 Items For Sale, Wanted & Trade
Already did. Thanks for the suggeston.
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