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Hey guys, I have a lot of these absolutely beautiful drawings, and I need the extra cash, so i'm offering them for $5 + $5 shipping and handling + 6% paypal each..I can put up to 6 in one tube for one shipping charge. The 5 covers the cost of a tube ($2.50--So it doesn't get bent) as well as s/h. I'm giving them to you as cheap as I can considering they are so beautiful. You are looking at 1 of 7 Lithograph reproduced drawings, drawn by artist Jason Kaufman. Jason drew these drawings before his employment at Sony studios, where he designs models and sketches for such movies as Independence Day, Star Trek, and Batman Forever. He is a very talented artist whom I know personally. These were drawn in Pen and Ink, and resold for $20 each about 10-15 years ago. They are lithograph, as stated, and each copy is signed and numbered by Jason himself.

He personally took pictures and drew these (BY HAND) of scenes in the area (Northern California) and many of them are still here!
They are a great addition to a home and are wonderfully skilled as you can see.

Please email and specify which you would like. Paypal to [email protected], not my regular address!!!

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