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got my new c230 yesterday! yeehaa!

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nice. first benz. oh baby. why can't i stop staring at it? it's mine. all mine!!!! hahahahaha!
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I know how you feel! Congratulations! :)
Don't you just love this aggressive, sexy front view? :)
Congratulations and welcome to the board.
Congratulations! Have had mine almost three months now and every now now and then I still look out the window just to stare at the car. :D
Yes, I too, love looking down at the car from my garage landing. My wife comments on how many people check out my car as we're driving thru town -- you'll learn to love that too.
Enjoy! :D
Congrats...I can't wait until mine gets here.

Heh cool forum. I just purchased my 2003 C230 2 weeks ago and am madly in love. Can one marry a car? LOL. Sure beats the Mustang I was driving.

2003 C230 K -- Brilliant Silver
Heated Seats
Charcoal Leather
6-Disk Changer
Panorama Roof
Bose System
Welcome to the club! We just purchased ours on Saturday and all I want to do is drive it, wash it, drive it, wash it... My poor wife, she's going to feel neglected! Actually, she gets to commute with it, I get to drive it on the weekends (fun time!). The six speed is a BLAST! Thanks, Keyes European (Van Nuys) for actually ordering a six speed with some equipment on it. Ours has the C5 package and the 17" wheel upgrade package. Most dealers seem to think that anyone buying a manual transmission car is only interested in saving money. Can't wait for our first road trip!! :)
boy do I know what you mean

just got mine too and I can hardly contain myself. Are you able to find anyone who is as enthusiastic though. Most people smile a little and say "oh good for you " ah well I still have a smile on my face after a week :D
True, but I just figure it's a case of Mercedes Envy. I feel like I have to justify our purchase. I just say, 'It's about the same cost as an Altima or Camry, hmm, Altima, Mercedes, tough decision...' Most people don't realize how affordable a MB can be. 8)
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