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2006 E320 Sedan w/DVD reader in trunk: Suddenly stopped working. Msg on console varies between 'Check DVD' & 'Please insert a DVD'.

Tried everything from slapping the unit in trunk to removing and reinserting the DVD. (Clean) DVD software is genuine Mercedes.
Thoughts, ideas...anything is welcome. I rely on GPS much.
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Have you looked in the owner’s manual to see if it has any steps to take when this message appears?
Owners Manual is just that. Functional details only. Don't we wish MB provided a Repair Manual in every car sale:)
"Try to power clear disconnecting DVD from wire harness !"
Will do. Ha, rebooting modern electronics to purge gremlins :)
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Need advice from member w/hands on experience dealing w/Navigation Processor Module 211-870-60-85-80.
[Hope I haven't duped this post :)
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