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I asked BoatWaco if there was a forum to relate interesting stories about experiences with the interaction between HB and CAR ( HB = Human Being )

So my question is this: what determines if a car is a SMART CAR or not? Is there a year or a model car that can be said to be the starting point of SMART CAR?

Have you ever seen on of these ScFi movies where an alien invasion results in them disabling every vehicle? With computer run vehicles that is not an impossibility. It also make me wonder if a massive hack could disable every vehicle in a country?

Imagine that no ambulances could run no emergency vehicle of any kind would be able to move. If anyone owns a non computer operated vehicle then THOSE vehicles would still be able to operate.

One of those interesting stories that I was told by this old guy who told me while drive cross country he broke a fan belt which as we all know often turns other things at the same time. Out in the middle of Oklahoma he had his wife take of her stockings ( at the time they were made out of SILK which is a very strong item ) He twisted the stocking until it fit the pulley's and managed to drive about 25 miles more until they came to a town with an auto part store. He told me that he purchased a second belt " just in case " I asked him if he ever got to use that extra belt. He said no. A typical thing that has people locking the barn door after the cow got out.

Anyone else have a story from the wild west days of carburetors, distributors and points? Fixing a car with a nice size craftsman tool box that were great Christmas gifts for about 39 dollars. I had a couple of them one was always in " my driver "
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