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I have a cream puff condition hard top from a 1982 380-SL roadster.

The car was totaled while the top, which spent hardly no time on the car, was tucked away safely in the garage for years.

The pics do not do this baby justice.

The paint is flawless, the stainless trim is flawless, the glass is flawless and the rubber seals are supple and fat.

I would give it a 9 out of 10 in condition.

The headliner is perfect and clean.

The only spot is one of the grab handle screw covers is discolored, and one small scratch near that grab handle.
Nothing dyeworks could not handle in minutes.

I wish I had the rest of the car to go with it, sorry.

I am asking $500 cash for this top and I will not ship it out of state.

I live in the Atlanta area, North Fulton, and I will ship it to you for a gasoline fee or you can come get it.

I can be reached at 404-723-1346, or email [email protected]

If you have one this color and are looking to restore yours, you may save money by just getting this one because it is show quality and ready to go.
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