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How does the variable focus headlamps work? Do they move/focus automatically while driving?
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02C230 said:
Can we adjust our headlight (2002 cars)?
Yes. Vertical aiming is done with a knob on the top of the headlight.
The aiming knobs are generally something not to be messed with. The knob I mentioned is a hollow black plastic knob on top of the high beam pod and right next to the low beam pod. The knob will adjust both of them simultaneously. It is used to raise or lower the beams. I will not describe the location of the knob used to adjust the lights horizontally. You can really screw things up with this one, and it rarely needs to be changed.

Headlight aiming is usually best left to professionals, unless like me the professional screwed it up worse than the factory. There are several web sites which give instructions for you di-it-youselfers. That is how I re-aimed my lights after the dealer left one of them pointing at the moon. My car came from the factory with the headlights aimed way below spec. I asked the dealer to fix it and one headlight ended up just under spec, and the other was more useful for illuminating low flying UFO's than lighting up the road.
crazi55 said:
How do you adjust the headlights on a 2002 C240? My right headlamp is too high and I am blinding everyone with my HID's.

Park you car perpendicular to and about 25 feet from a wall. Use the black plastic know on top of the high beam pod to adjust the right headlight horizontal cutoff the match the left one.

When finished the beam pattern on the wall should look like this:

___/ ___/

The light should be bright below and to the right of the lines and dim above and to the left.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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