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I've recently bought a second hand 1998 SL320 with only 45,000 miles on the clock. It was running fine, then i sustained low impact damage to the drivers side door. Apart from the dent, everything was working fine (airbags, roof, windows etc, etc).

I put the car into the garage for repair which neccessitated putting on a new drivers side door. While replacing the door, the garage damaged the processor controlling the roof mechanism and had to replace it. The car was returned to me yesterday (after 7 weeks!!!) and isn't running right.

I'm not a technical expert so can't say exactly whats up. I think the timing must be out, as the car is vibrating horribly when idling. Also, i'm having problems with the automatic gear changes. At low speeds, it all seems to work fine. When i put my foot down, though, it struggles up to 40,00 rpm then seems to get stuck there for a few seconds. Once it breaks past this it will then accelerate until the revs get to 55,000 at which point nothing happens. It won't change up to the next gear until I take my foot of the pedal. This is the same in normal mode and with it switched into sports mode.

Are the timing and automatic gear changes controlled by processors and if so, have they been effected by the recent repairs? Alternatively can anyone suggest another cause for my current plight?

I would really appreciate any advice, I absolutely love my car and not having it for the last 7 weeks has been painful. It being the weekend, I haven't had a chance to call the garage to tell them what is going on. They were obstructive and unhelpful with replacing the door (I mean seriously, 7 weeks to replace a door!!!), trying their best to take no responsibility. I am concerned that they will deny all responsibility now, and as a novice, I won't know any better. Please help!!
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