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I have a C Sports coupe c180: 2003 UK registration (bought new)
Full service history with Mercedes Benz
Mileage: 48000 miles

I shall be grateful for any help. A couple of days ago the engine management light went came on from time to time. The same day car went for an MOT which failed due to some emission problem (lambda light ?emission when in second idle- no idea what it means). The MOT centre thought the problem may be a engine cylinder problem and may cost upto £1000 to fix.

I went to the Mercedes garage who did a engine compression test and cylinder 1 is low on compression. Its likely that the cylinder needs to be replaced and would cost over £4000 !!! This is quite a lot of money. The car may not fetch more than £8500 if i had sold it a month ago!

Has anyone else come across this problem 5 years into buying their merc? is it common? sorry for sounding naive!

1. though outside the three year warranty would mercedes benz look upon favourably and pay part of the cost as such a problem arose within 5 years of manufacture- famed german engineering etc.

2. Should i get the job quoted at another mercedes specialist garage (non dealer) (any one know one near Edinburgh, Scotland)

3. Should I cut my losses, part exchange and buy a new car?

Please advise
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