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HID installed

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I Just got a HID stage I kit installed! :) Took me and my friend about 3 hours but it's totally worth it! Have to take it to the dealer tomorrow to change the settings though. Too bad our reflector housing doesn't provide a clean cutoff that the xenons actually offer. The light output is amazing, so bright. I would recommend this upgrade if you can put out the extra $$$. If you need any info on the install, just ask and I'll be glad to help.

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I would love to know more....

I was contimplating the upgrade myself. If I can ask, where did you buy the upgrade from and what price range.

Also what is the difference between teh HID and the Xenon?

Thanks so much, Scott
I got the kit from my friend who had it installed on his celica for a month. He bought it for $600 CAD and sold it to me for $550, so that is like $350 USD?!?!?! To me, this was an awesome deal because the stores that I looked in were selling similar kits for at least $950 CAD.

HID and Xenon basically mean the same thing. HID stands for High Intensity Discharge lighting system and Xenon refers to the type of bulb in the system which is filled mainly with Xenon gas. The other bulbs you see selling in the stores which you swap directly with your stock bulbs and refer to themselves as Xenons are not the real deal. Basically, the real HIDs and Xenons require a complete kit with bulbs and balast units with ignition relays. So if what you are getting only comes with a bulb, you know they are the fake/imitation HIDs. If you want the stock benz xenon look, go with a Stage I kit. They are very white with a little hint of blue (4300k). A Stage II kit will give you exactly the same light output as the Stage I but will have a much more purple blue look (6000k) to it and these usually cost a couple hundred more. By the way, make sure the ballasts you are getting are made from Phillips!

Upgrade! you won't regret it (unless you find a lower price after you install them). The car simply looks so much better and the visibility is just unmatched. Also, when you turn on your HIDs, you get this cool fade-in effect and that by itself is worth it all !!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Well said

I would love to see some pictures of that,But if you get around to it.

Also, how involved was the install, can the average joe schmoe do it?

I have a very knowledgable back ground in buildign Mustangs so i am sure i can handle it.

I'll try to post some pictures later...

The install was fairly simple. A lot of my time was actually spent on trying to find the ground wire. (German engineering, brown is ground! ) But I would say this is one of the easiests mods for the car. Pretty much plug and play, just had to drill a hole through the housing cap. I have no background in doing mods for cars and I still managed it (with the help of a friend). So much easier than my sub and amp that I installed a few days ago.

Here's a detailed DIY page on

have fun man.

what do u guys mean when u say hid? not to sound stupid what does it do? does it void warranty?
Re: hit

bigman30685 said:
what do u guys mean when u say hid? not to sound stupid what does it do? does it void warranty?
HID is the acronym for High Intesity Discharge. HID's are arc lights. They produce a lot more light using less power. Aftermarket conversions, such as the one being discussed here are unlawful for highway use. However, if they are properly aimed in is extremely unlikely that you would be ticketed. They could void the warranty.
about the H.i.D

I too have a 2002 c230 sport coupe and wanted to install some H.I.D.s I temporarily put them in to see how they looked and it went on for 3 seconds and then blinked acouple times and shut off. I heard you guys said you need to take it to the dealer and today I had my service done so I told them to ENABLE the bixon option on the computer and he said that the laptop didnt find this option . Is it true or where should the dealer go to change this since mine seriously is lost and I want my lights but cant until the computer is changed right guys?. BTW they gave me a c240 4matic wagon im used tomy 4 cylinder supercharged not a slow v6 what a way to dissapoint my driving lol. its a nice car inside though but they need a faster engine on the v6's.
Use the following menu path:

1. EIS - Electronic Ignition System
2. Control Unit Adaptations
3. Read coding and change if necessary
4. All Codes
5. Xenon Headlamp - Present
thanks for the response

Hey lynn thank you for the directions. I did exactly what you said and my dealer agreed to change the computer seetings. the H.I.D's look great. I have osram so I customized them on my coupe and it couldnt be better.
You got any pics? I am interested in what the finished upgrades look like.
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