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HID Kits

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hello everyone..

I am looking to install HIDs on my 2002 Coupe and I was wondering if anybody knows where I could either get a good price on install or just the kit in the Toronto area...

any input would be appreciated..

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Since HIDs were not an option for Canadian coupes, I would also be looking in the Toronto area for a reliable quality install after I get delivery
You are probably going to have to buy online. Stay away from They have terrible customer service. I bought some Philips VisionPlus bulbs from They have great customer service, and the components in their HID conversion kits are the best available. They are located in the UK, but shipping is free and they usually throw in some free items.

Does anyone know if I can purchase a kit to make the headlights the same as the HID package that is available from the dealer? If so, what is the approximate cost? I did not want to pay the several hundred extra at the time of purchase and was wondering if I could do it myself for cheaper.

For reasons that I have not been able to determine, the HIDS was not an available option for the C230 Kompressor in Canada, but it was on all of the other C class vehicles.

Definitely interested in a quality install of HIDs in Canada, even if it is done by the MB dealer.

Lynn, I am particularly interested in your views on this issue. FYI there are some other unexplained differences between US and Canadian specs, e.g. autodimming mirrors are standard on the Canadian vehicles, but part of the C2 option in US. In Canada, we get two years free maintenance vs. the four years in the US. 8O
I put on an aftermarket HID kit on my 2002 C240. I got it off the internet. The site may look amateurish but he sells a quality kit. I am happy with mine.
What is the exact kit I should buy for my 2002 C230k? I keep checking out these sights but can't find anything for the car. Any model names or replacement names would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
You should try and look at the philips brand ballast. I have an aftermarket HID kit with the hella ballast and I had to rewire it to my high beams because there wasn't enough power coming from the low beam connector. So I suggest the philips brand because it doesn't need to rewired like mine is.
Although this is a old post, I am posting this for new users, who have doubts like this.

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