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I've had my '02 C240 into the shop over the past couple of months so I've been able to drive different loaner cars. The one thing I've noticed is that the RPM's on my car seem to be running higher than on the loaner cars. Here's the example:
In my car while on the freeway doing about 80mph, my tach reads somewhere between 3200 - 3400 RPM (guessing here mostly, but definitely between the 3000 and 3500 marks). On loaner cars at the same speed they are below or at the 3000 RPM mark. Just wondering if this is normal, is my tach not adjusted or is the engine running harder than it should be?
I'm able to get decent gas mileage (approx 26 mpg on the trip to work) so I never thought much about the issue. I'm mostly concerned that if the engine is working too hard it might lead to an early death.

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