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how do i disable the volume "governor?"

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it's like having someone's cranky mom in the car - every time i slow down, the car says "turn that noise down!" i love this car, but i want my music as loud as i want it... :? :twisted:
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The speed controlled volume adjuster has for settings 0, -3, -6, and -9. Off is 0 and -6 is the default. This can only be change at the dealer by a tech using the DAS computer.

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Sound level reduction

So it's *not* my imagination that the sound level goes down as I slow down? I thought I was losing my mind there for a minute. It's really annoying.
I had it disabled by the dealer and about six weeks later it's back, no other odd behavior with any settings either dealer or dash. It is a little worrisome that setting can default back without disconnection of the battery or charging system malfunctions. I hope this is the worst of it.
Speed Sensitive Control Comes Back

I, too, had the dealer disable this feature, yet it came back about a week later. Very strange. I guess I'll try again at my next service. Anyone else experiencing this?
Ignorance is bliss

I'm not the kind of person who can tell the difference between a 192kbps mp3 vs. 1500kbps cd audio, so I'm not suprised that I don't notice the volume changes everyone complains about.

Finally I've found one positive thing to say about being an audial philistine.
I think I found the solution to the erratic volume levels in our Benzos. I have a 2003 CLK55 that I am installing a complete sound system, but I am keeping the factory Bose Comand head unit. I too had dealer turn off the speed sensitive volume adjustment; however, Bose systems also have Audiopilot which incorporates a tiny microphone in the headliner (right of the rear view mirror, completely hidden underneath the material) that permits the system to adjust volume according to interior noise levels. This device for some may be great; however, for me I thought I was imagining volume changes in my car constantly. Thus, I disconnected the mic and have since regained my sanity. The instructions are located on forum under a search for "audiopilot." I really appreciate all those on the forum who did all the tedious leg work. Hopefully this helps those with similar car audio dilusions.
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