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How do I turn off the Japanese market in-cabin reversing chime on my W212 E550?

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My 2009 W212.72 E550 is an ex-Japan car that has been reprogrammed for NZ with English voice recognition, local navigation, expanded radio reception, etc. This also included deactivating a Japanese legal requirement] for cars to have a loud warning chime that plays inside the car when reverse is selected, just in case the driver doesn't realise that teh car is going backwards!

Following a system reset by an MB dealership, the infuriating and loud Japanese domestic market reversing chime was reactivated. It plays from what sounds like a hidden speaker inside of the dash on the driver's side whenever reverse is selected.

The MB dealership (NZ's largest) refuses to deactivate it, saying it's a factory feature. As an aside, they also quoted me $2,800 to repair a faulty secondary air injection system that I fixed with a new $19 relay! as well as trying to get my agreement to various other service rip-offs which were not required. Suffice it to say, they lost my business.

My questions are:
  • Does anyone know how to deactivate this chime function?
  • Can it be deactivated through the dealer's hidden command system or using my iCarsoft MB II scanner?

Thanks for any help you may be able to provide
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Try googling this search term “2012 S350 (W221) Japan Spec - can these quirks be fixed?” It May lead to helpful information.
Try googling this search term “2012 S350 (W221) Japan Spec - can these quirks be fixed?” It May lead to helpful information.
Thanks very much, BoatWaco, that link looks to have the answer I've been looking for, although some of the posters in the thread think it still can't be done using the way suggested; but I remain optimistic.

Unfortunately, whilst I was in the Engineer's Command menus I got distracted by a phone call and Command powered itself down without my selecting 'End".

I was in the HW Menu #7,sub-menu 7.3 " Market/DVD" audio menu to see if changing the market selections within 7.3 would stop the chime (it didn't). When Command crashed out due to the power down I found all of the 7.3 sub-menus greyed out except for 7.3.4 which selects for either single or stacker DVD player settings; now this is the only changeable option I have left from 7.3's menu.

The bigger problem, however, is the entire Audio system is not being detected at all (I got a message in Ownwer's Command to this effect), and I can't change any of the greyed-out settings in Engineer's Command 7.3 to reset the market/region, etc, to fix it. I tried removing radio fuse #26 when that didn't work, I disconnected the battery to dump any memory-resident glitches, but that made no difference either. Everything else with the car seems fine (a scan using my iCarsoft MBII indicated no faults) but all I get is static through my speakers, although the volume and controls mute still work so teh amplifier is functioning. It seems to be just the radio and DVD that are affected, but I'm currently at a loss regarding a remedy.

All this hassle is because NZ's biggest MB franchise stuffed my car up with a system reset when trying to rip me off during a scheduled service, and then refused to put the car's settings to how they were when I gave them the car! I suspect I'll have to try and find a service agent I can trust and pay for the radio software fix.
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