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Discussion Starter #1 has newly launched MB-PRO IR Code Reader for domestic Mercedes Benz. The MB Pro can renew Mercedes keys through IR without removing the chips.
Top 2 features:
1) It can renew MB key through IR. Don’t need to remove the chips.

2) Original chips can only be renewed on PCB. NEC chips can be renewed many times.
MB-PRO IR Code Reader Functions:

This device can read or write eeprom through IR or PCB.
Renew original Mercedes NEC chips through PCB.
Through IR, it can read and write original Mercedes keys and MB-keys.
It can program 1997~2014 Mercedes Keyless entry remote fobs.
MB-keys can be read, write and renew through IR. You don’t have to remove the chips from circuit boards.
It can program keyless go remote fobs and NEC eis in the near future.

How to use the Mercedes-Benz MB-PRO IR Code Reader?

Easy 5 steps:

Connect the IR code reader with computer via USB cable

1. Start the Software

1) Read or write through IR

2) Read or write through PCB


Connect Device


3. Read data


4. Load data



5. Program keys


If you want to know detailed information about MB -PRO you can follow: How to use Mercedes Benz MB-PRO IR Code Reader - UOBD2 Official Blog
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