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I need all of your help.(only those with problems c230k)

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I too am going through a law suit (lemon law) with MBZUSA. If any one else are having problems with their c230 coupe let me know. I am going to let merecedes know that I am not the only one with all of the engine stalling problems etc. :evil:
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I have the same problems too

when you first get your car
there's a serious problem of engine stalling
I've had the same problems

the car chokes for a little bit and then it sometimes dies out but if you press the gas pedal then you're ok

but the fact of the matter is

It's a benz and it shouldn't be doing things like that

I brought my car to the dealership to get it all fixed

It has to do with either the intake or either the fuel line

the fuel might not be getting through too well

I brougth my car into the dealership because it's under warranty
they'll fix it

just call in and make an appointment
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