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Excuse my English, but it is that I am Brazilian and I will try to be the more possible clearing.

Well, I have a Mercedes-Benz model C280 Sport Plus 95/95, for some time now I noticed that in her back compartment it was some thing making a constant noise, he gave the impression of being something similar a bomb of fuel pulling, stopping for some seconds, and pulling again, discovering better, I located the called piece of "Vacuum Supply Pump", and I discovered that it was her the causes of the noise.

Does it happen that starting from the moment that I work the compartment of departure of the car, she begins to work, not stopping plus, is the whole time pulling or loosening something, besides it does warm up a lot, is the interesting that everything is usually working, all the doors are opening and closing, then he would like to know where the cause of that problem could be?

Thankful for the attention.
Att. Carlos


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