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A clutch can provide years and thousands of miles of faithful service, depending on your driving style. When the time comes to replace the clutch, Clutch Masters has you covered. The company’s CNC-machined clutches are made in-house to ensure qualities such as balancing and stock height specifications.

They include the pressure plate, steel flywheel, clutch disc, and throw-out bearing. All the hardware, bearings, and components needed for installation are provided in the kit. Each clutch system is matched to specific driving styles, uses, and power levels to ensure the needs of each driver are accomplished.

Clutch Masters® - FX500 Series Clutch Kit

Clutch Masters® - FX350 Series Clutch Kit

Clutch Masters® - FX300 Series Clutch Kit

Whether you are an enthusiast or a weekend racer, go with Clutch Masters clutch kits!
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