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Insurance Rates for C230 Kompressor Sport Coupe?

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Well this is my first post here so HI. Last summer I started getting into Mercedes and decided I will be buying a New C230 in 2004. I have got a couple of insurance quotes and well they are sick. $15000/year + CAN. I'm 22 and I can easily afford the car its that sick insurance that gets me. What kind of rates are you paying? I want the car bad, I'm getting tired of my Sunfire GT. Any underwriters out here? I need to find cheaper insurance so I can get the car sooner. Also has anyone bought a car from Weber Motors in Edmonton, AB? How have you found Mercedes customer service in general? Thanks

Alex 8)
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Welcome to the board, apich. I wish I could help on the insurance, but I'm in a different country and a much different age group. For what it is worth I pay about US$600 a year for liability, collision, comprehensive, uninsured motortist,ect.
Da**n Lynn - only $600 a year!? I am paying about $1100 a year (just went down from $1600 a year).. :cry:
In Toronto, age 50, with $200 deductible, high mileage and the most comprehensive coverage up to $3,000,000 I'm paying about Cdn$2000 per year 8O
susemu said:
Da**n Lynn - only $600 a year!? I am paying about $1100 a year (just went down from $1600 a year).. :cry:
If I still live in Wyoming it would be closer to $400 a year. Liability is almost triple here.
Oh god, do I wish I had insurance like that!! I could probably buy a Ferrari. Well with time I guess. Any single girls that want to get married and have kids say next weekend? Thats about the only hope I have in getting cheaper insurance. An underwriter would be perfect. 8)


does that say 15 THOUSAND DOLLARS???

jaysus, i'll sell you a u.s. address for half that...oh, wait: it's canadian, so it's already half. um...fine 1/4.
$600/year (full coverage) too here in SW MO, no accidents or tickets, old (relative to 22).

Customer service is much better than I'm use to these days, but that ain't saying much.

Remember..."We live in a service economy, and the service sucks"
Benz has been known to have the best service around. Along with, BMW, and Audi, and some of the other Euro's. They know they're stuff, (maybe not ALL of it, but they know it)

Hondas, Toyotas, have nothing on Benz Customer Service..
I have never heard anything good about BMW service. Here, many of the Toyota and Honda dealers are outstanding, and no one compares to the local Lexus dealer.
It pays to be old, sometimes.
30 something, north east- full coverage $1,000 deductible on a 2003 c230 sport coupe-cost $800/annually. advice-- call around -compare quotes -raise deductible if you have to. if you have a good driving record keep that in the fore-front when speaking to the ins. agent :idea:
good luck SHOPPING for insurance.

I'm 22 living in Toronto, about $2,400/year
I seriously need to move out of alberta then. Man insurance is stupid and if the Kyoto Accord goes through then gas prices will be the problem. I guess I'll move to a deserted island with my new benz and enough fuel to cruise around the island until I mile the car out. Anyone have good sand tires? :D . Another quick question, whats the resale on these cars going to be like? I had a dealer tell me that if I come back in 5 years knock off about $10000 off the sale price if I put it towards a new benz. Hell thats a lot better than the 99 Sunfire GT I bought for $26000 full load thats worth about maybe $10000 now! Damn domestic car market. Anyone what to buy a Sunfire limited Edition,well on my block anyway.

:p Alex
First year depreciation in the US is about the same as other cars in the same price range.
I'm 24, full-coverage, all the extras etc, good driving record: $1200/year.

I'm in calgary, and ordered my car and got a quote first of 1220 a year.
I'm 30 married and have a perfect record if that helps.
Hey Canadian Steve what insurance company are you dealing with? Also how long is it going to take to get your car? I was told about 4 months. Man I hope I find cheap insurance soon because I really don't want to wait for any longer. :p

It will be here at the end of april.
I went through HDF ins in edmonton. They got me a great rate.
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