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I turn to you forum members for any help and/or advice you can provide.

While on an Interstate driving my horn goes off. It was humorous at first as I thought it was someone else. The horn sounded constantly for about 15 minutes then went off for the next hour whenever it felt like it. No error codes were displayed on the console.

No horn problem the next day.

Gave the wife the car she drives to work - no problem. Get off from work, into the car, starts it up....the horn goes off again. Not humorous anymore, the wife did not find it funny.

Took the car to the dealer, Valley Motors, the next morning waited 5 hours and was told they could not duplicate the problem. But charged me $90 in labor.

Started the car to run an errand....horn goes off! Drive directly to the dealer. The dealer test drives the car the next day and while on the road, the horn goes off. This time 2 cars back is a policeman and he pulls over the technician.

So far they have not determined the cause of the horn problem, but continue to charge me labor to find it. I'm at $450.00 and was told by the dealer that they attempted to replace the SAM unit and the problem still exists. They have traced the horn connection and still no resolution.

Should I keep letting the cost mount up? Who can I escalate this to at Mercedes-Benz or even Daimler Chrysler. What should I do?

Any and all advice on how I should proceed is greatly appreciated.

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