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I bought a 1984 300 D Turbo this past summer. I replaced the battery with a new one, which is testing out at proper voltage when I go to the auto parts store and ask them to test it. I have replaced the voltage regulator. They were a bit worn. I've driven it 4,400 miles since purchased.

the problem is this: every 10th or 15th or even 20th time, after shutting down the car and going somewhere for a short errand, say 10 -20 minutes, the car will not start. The lights work, radio all that. It just does not click and turn the engine after key is fully engaged. This occurs after waiting for the glow plug light to go out.

This problem has not been getting worse with time, it continues to be very sporadic, making it hard for me to troubleshoot.

I have never had a problem starting it in the mornings and if I leave the car alone for 15 minutes or even hours, it always starts after that.

Thanks for your time and any suggestions you might have.

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Sounds like a resistance problem and time to do a wire cleaning form the battery to the starter & ground and in the fuse box. Bet it has not been done in 37 years. This is normally an engine bay issue as this is where all the wet and chemicals are. Be liberal with di-electric grease and a battery non-corrosive.

Clean the battery terminals
Clean the battery wires at both ends (if there is corrosion up and into the wire to terminal connection, replace the wire or strap)
Clean the ground to the frame
Clean or replace any bolts (ground strap to frame, positive to starter, etc.)
Clean all the fuse holders with a small brass wire brush.
Replace any fuses with aluminum (silver) metal with copper ones. These corrode because of their electric differences and you see them at opposite sides of the Periodic Table, so one gives up electrons and the other gains electrons with the result being corrosion. Same idea as a sacrificial anode.

Now you get into the hard stuff like a bendix issue... In that case replace the starter with a Bosch rebuild. Just too mush labor here to fool around. I have had problems with rebuilds other than Bosch (one shop replaced the starter five times under guarantee until they followed my advice and installed a Bosch rebuild).

You can go further to the ignition switch but if the interior has not been wet or damp this is usually not an issue.



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