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Hi, I'm new to this Forum, and I'm trying to make two minor mods to my 96 E320 -- adding MP3 playback and adapting the original car phone kit.

MP3: I have the stock radio with the trunk CD changer. Can I splice into the audio wires at the changer to hook up an iPod? If so, which are the right wires? I plan to run the wires to the armrest, and will power/control the iPod with its own battery/buttons.

Phone: I have the stock integrated phone system, which I removed years ago, but I would like to hook up my Nokia 8260 to it for power and audio, not for dialing. The original Motorola analog phone has an RJ-11 (similar to a PC network connector) jack with 8 wires -- white, green, brown, yellow, orange, purple, red and blue. Any info on the wires?

Also, in the center armrest console next to the jack where the phone plugs into, is another 4-prong plastic connector with only 3 wires -- green, brown, black/yellow. Since I ordered the car with every possible option and this was never used, do you have any idea what it's for?


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