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Location of the Anti-Theft Control Unit

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Hi there,

Does anyone out there kno where the anti-theft control unit is located on the 2002 c230 Kompressor... Our mechanic can't seem to find it and Benz isn't very helpful with giving out info.

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I can understand why MBZ might not be free with info about the anti-theft system. Why do you need to locate the unit? Perhaps you should take the car to an authorized dealer to deal with this part of the system.
What's up!

Would you like us to give you our bank account and credit card numbers too.

Your post history makes me suspicious, just what are you up to :?:

Looking for wiring diagrams
Looking for electrical parts
You don’t know how the panoramic roof works / you don't have the owners manual
You want to know where the security system control unit is located

Have you checked out

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Trust me, if I were doing something illegal, I would definitely not be posting messages here :eek:
This car was in the flood before we purchased it.. Needless to say, it needs a lot of work! Mostly electrical though... Anyhow, right now the car is pretty torn up.. It looks like it's been thru a chop shop!! Hopefully it's gonna get fixed soon though... I just figured if anyone knows these cars, it's the folks on this site!
You’re pretty anonymous here, especially since you have an empty profile.

I hope you got a great deal on this salvage vehicle, because I feel you may have to rely heavily on MB for reconstruction parts and services.
Thanks for the insight...
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