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Hi all..

I will probably not be very popular with many of you with this post, but here goes. I got my 230 about 6 months ago. I traded my '99SLK230 (oops... was thinking with my brain, not with my heart) for the '02 C230K, and, dare I say, I just can't fall in love with the looks of the car.

Black on Oyster cloth... (I wanted the the trusted 2.3K) with Evolution (C7) as this was the last '02 the dealer had. I hand wash and polish the car, trying to fall in love with it.... It has lived through a British Columbia winter... (pretty mild this year) and my dealer wonders how I can keep it so clean...

Anyway... to my point.... I have seen some of the pictures of the RennTech (Black) C230K, noting what must be 19" wheels, but I also noticed that the car has been lowered. This makes the car look a little more balanced with the rear end. I have yet to see pictures of the C230K lowered, but with the Evolution wheels....

If you have done this, and have pictures... I'd really love to see them as I am considering doing this myself. Since the car has oyster cloth, I have found a company in Vancouver who does incredible leather replacements. If the lowering option looks good... I will likely do this and leather, BiXenon upgrades to the car. If it looks... well... a only little better... the heart will win out and I'll get me another SLK.

BTW... for you performance nutz... The C230K with Evolution handles speed very well, and is predictable to throw around... you can make the body roll can work for you... but the SLK... is just like racing my Kart.. Belly Roaring Fun is the best way to describe the experience... There is one big execption. I have made the trip from the BC interior in both vehicles on normal 4 lane highways... and, at speed, the C230k is very fun, but about 10000 times more comfortable. I pulled a 12 hour, round trip drive to Vancouver, including touring through the city looking at different vehicles at various dealerships (missing the SLK) and had absolutely no fatigue. I have to say, the C is one of the most comfortable drives it has been my pleasure to experience.

Thoughts :D
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