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m104 2.8 Throttle

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Hello dear Classic Mrecedes lovers, I have a problem with my blue tag asr throttle body, I have been thinking to rebuild it, is there any good kits avealable ? ro any good instructions how to do the job DIY step by step, Thank you in advance, it’s a 94 e280 wagon
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Have you considered buying a new or rebuilt throttle body vs. trying to find a rebuild kit?
If you elect to rebuild, Have you searched online for the step-by-step instructions yet?
You may also want to look at the W124 DIY thread at our sister forum. There is one link there on cleaning the throttle body.

VDO made a better, stronger, replacement throttle body around year 2000 for that year and model. See this link for details. It is compatible with many other years/models (see this other link, and see pic below). You can buy a brand new one for $1,052 on Amazon or a rebuilt one for $556 on eBay.

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