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Hello fellow MB lovers,

Vehicle: 2006 ML500

Note: The car was driven 30 minutes to the dealership

I had my battery tested yesterday and the readout was as follows:


Voltage: 12.360
Rated: 950 A(EN)
Capacity: 90 AH
Temperature: 28 degrees C

Vehicle Type: Car/Van
Location: In Vehicle
Battery Type: VRLA

The dealership told me that I needed a new battery, but I want a second opinion before dropping money on a new batteries.

Any help would be appreciated

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Firstly can you complete your profile so we know where you are located?

Secondly did you take you ML to the dealer for a battery related problem?

How many years has the battery been fitted to the ML? The battery on my 2005 ML battery died completely whilst on a road trip, it was at least five or six years old!

Voltage: 12.360 is low, you should expect at least 13+ volts.
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