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I don't know much about the mechanics of the A class. I believe that the engine and/or a lot of the technical bits are in the floor of the car - hence the fact you sit higher. The A class is a compact car but it is very impressive and very comfortable.

My girlfriend wants to buy one and she recently took a test drive (with me as passenger) in the new A210 Evolution - 2.1 litre engine with about 140 bhp. AMG evolution package on it including body kit, 17" alloys, two tone leather interior, sport suspension etc. Nice little mover, drove well, not a lot of roll and very quiet. Quite spacious interior and well kitted out I thought.

Hope she buys it as will be nice to have two mercs in the family.

Not much detail there Rikky, but I'm certainly positive about the A class, if that helps at all. :D
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