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We are VIP Platinum Mercedes-Benz member following truck purchases of over 6 million (over 70 pieces) in Romania. But when I have bought a 2016 GLS car (worth EUR 100,000), in operating leases, I had not thinking I would live a nightmare. Mercedes is Mercedes, isn't it ? False! The car had problems right from the start. Vibrate. But it vibrated like a washing machine when centrifuging, vibrating until makes you sick. I changed many pairs of tires, I've been with the car in services many times. I changed the tires because they simply ovalized because of the vibrations. All Mercedes-Ben people said the car is working in parameters, that's no problem. By chance I found a forum in the US where there was a bunch of other unfortunate people like me, whose car was vibrating the same, and that for months, if not years before I bought this model! So I was not crazy. But MB sold me a car that it knew it might have serious problems. Headaches have not disappeared even today, although the car has been in services for 5 months without any results. Invoices for operating leases are still coming. Nor do we agree the terms in which to close the contract. MB initially wanted to pay them additional 18 rates as penalties, then they proposed to close the lease without penalties and even cancel 2 of the 5 months as the car was in services, provided I had no further claims in the future. Now they have decided to deposit our guarantee cheque to collect the rent for the months when the car was not in my use. I wonder if MB do that with ourselves, what will they do with the owners of a much cheaper Smart?
Conclusion for Mercedes-Benz:
The best or nothing. NOTHING.
Vasile Csengeri - General Manager
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