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This article is about to bring you how to activate welcoming light on the rearview mirror (code ZGW module) on Mercedes-Benz via Xentry and Vediamo.

First, we need to adjust some settings in Mercedes-Benz:

Turn on Surround lighting on menu.

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Now, the turn signal light turns on but the welcoming light does not when we unlock the doors.
So, what we gonna do is code on PC so that they both would light as we unlock it.

The device that connects Mercedes-Benz to PC could be VXDIAG VCX SE, MB SD C4 Plus, Super MB Pro M6...Different coverage, you can choose by your needs.
Note: Only Vediamo can code the module called ZGW, Xentry and DAS don’t support.

The first thing is that we need to figure out a CBF file for the ZGW unit.
So, how to find the CBF file we need for ZGW module?
Here we’ll show you through Xentry Diagnosis.
Select our model - E(212)>>Control Unit>>Body>>ZGW
Product Azure Rectangle Font Screenshot
Rectangle Font Parallel Screenshot Number

Encoding>>Configuration>>Encoding>>Displaying encoding data
Here “Code 500 (Folding outer mirror) - not available”
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Go to Topology, select ZGW’s code - N93.
Here we know we need the CBF file (CGW231) for ZGW.
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Now we need to encode it through Vediamo.
Open up Vediamo Start Center.
Go to “Ecoute”.
On “System Selection”,
Check “Systems based on DIOGENES data (.cbf files)” and select “CGW231” CBF file.
Rectangle Screenshot Font Software Operating system

Go to “Variant Coding”, select
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Select “Continue” and “Close”.
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Unfold “CGW231” and “Function”.
Click on “FN_HardReset”.

Finally, disconnect ECU CGW231 and exit.

Test: when we unlock the car, the turn signal light flashes and the welcoming light on the bottom is on. So cool.
Rectangle Font Operating system Software Screenshot

Alright, you can also add lights to your Mercedes.
Hope this could help!

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