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Already a tuner darling, Mercedes is looking to make an even more extreme version of their SLR McLaren supercar, since the SLR 722 is so old news. Possibly codenamed Z119, this SLR will be completely open-top, with only a small pair of screens in front of the driver and passenger, according to these pictures from The Car Enthusiast. To save weight, the air conditioning and other non-essential bits have been tossed, and only the twin hoops remain of anything resembling a roof. Fast? Yeah. The hope is a top-speed of 217 mph, meaning it will outrun just about everything Mercedes produces.

The cost for one of the 75 McSupercars? Around $1.2 million is the current estimate, reflecting the extreme nature of the car and the extreme weakness of the dollar. The new McLaren could come out as soon as the end of the month. McShhhh! Don't tell SLR Guy.

Source: CarEnthusiast via Jalopnik

Gallery: Spied: McLaren SLR Speedster
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