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Today we’re going to flash a VGS/NAG2 board inside Benz W221 gearbox by VXDIAG VCX SE and DTS Monaco.

Here we connect it to PC by VXDIAG VCX SE. (A good alternative that has a built-in DOIP: MB SD C4 Plus/Super MB Pro M6)
Besides, don’t forget gearbox 7-G renew cable and 12V power supply.
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Office equipment Electronic component Musical instrument accessory Gas Audio equipment

We run DTS Monaco, because DAS will ask for a password(have to calculate the password when the board turns to ECU mode through DAS).
On Temporary workspace, open up CBF file.
Automotive tire Font Screenshot Hood Vehicle door

Rectangle Font Screenshot Automotive tire Operating system

Now we’re going to unlock the board on Flash Programming.
Select CFF file.
Product Rectangle Font Screenshot Software

Check software we need for the car, click on “Prepare Flash Programming” and “Run”.
This step takes about 10-15 minutes.
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After it’s completed, click on “End Flash Programming”.
Go to “Diagnostic Services” to check firmware.
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Now go to “Variant Coding” to encode the board.
Connect ECU and select domain.
Here we’ve already written the coding.
Rectangle Font Screenshot Parallel Software

Disconnect ECU and exit.

So, as you can see, we’ve flashed Benz W221 gearbox through DTS Monaco without any block or password required.
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