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Mercedes will launch the new 2008 C-Class in USA in August. To celebrate this event the company will launch the C Drive tour that will go to 11 cities across the country starting in San Francisco on August 4.

According to Steve Cannon, vice president of marketing for MBUSA, "The C-Class is literally the gateway to the Mercedes-Benz brand. We have among the strongest aspiration of any automaker, and this is the vehicle that allows new customers and younger buyers to fulfill that aspiration to own a Mercedes. The C-Class models are the most youthful and exuberant cars in our model line, and now, for the first time, we’ll be offering two distinct models, each geared toward a different buyer. On the one hand, we have Luxury models which will appeal to the buyer looking for the traditional luxury sedan — their first Mercedes. On the other hand, the Sport versions offer a youthful, aggressive styling and performance that younger buyers are typically looking for. Both models provide all those attributes on which Mercedes-Benz has built its century-long reputation and with class-leading value — a combination that we’re pretty confident will put the new C-Class on a lot of shopping lists for people who are considering stepping up to a luxury vehicle or over to Mercedes. Our marketing will reflect that."
The agility, performancev and sheer fun- to-drive factor of the C-Class takes a lot of people by surprise. Plus, bringing the vehicle literally to the streets where they live and showing it off in venues that are familiar to them — yet maybe a little unexpected — really personalizes the experience, which is important to our buyers."
Unlike traditional ride-and-drive events in the automotive industry, The C Drive gives guests a chance to drive the vehicle on city streets, in addition to experiencing a closed-course route. The dual test drives allow participants to put the C-Class through its paces and experience the unparalleled combination of performance, handling and safety available in the 2008 C-Class.

The C Drive Tour Schedule

  • August 4 - 5, 2007 San Francisco, California (Left Space Studios)
  • August 11 - 12, 2007 Orange County, California (Gothic Moon Productions)
  • August 18 - 19, 2007 Los Angeles, California
  • August 25 - 26, 2007 Houston, Texas (Warehouse Live)
  • September 1 - 2, 2007 Chicago, Illinois (Union Station)
  • September 8 - 9, 2007 Farmingdale, New York (Republic Airport)
  • September 15 - 16, 2007 Morristown, New Jersey (Morris Airport)
  • September 22 - 23, 2007 Washington, D.C. (tbd)
  • September 29 - 30, 2007 Atlanta, Georgia (The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center)
  • October 6 - 7, 2007 Miami, Florida (Collins Building)
  • October 13 - 14, 2007 Dallas, Texas (The Dallas Contemporary)
The 2008 C-Class will be launched in three variants: the C300 Sport and C300 Luxury, each powered by a 3.0-liter V6 that produces 228-horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque; and the C350 which is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 that produces 268-horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. With the exception of the C300 Sport which features a six-speed manual transmission, the C-Class is the only vehicle in its class to offer as standard a seven-speed automatic transmission which allows for maximizing fuel economy and making the transmission’s reaction time extremely fast. In September, the C300 Sport and Luxury models will be available with an all-new 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system.
With a lineup that will begin at $31,975 for the new C300 Sport Sedan, including a $775 destination fee, the all-new 2008 C-Class offers segment- leading value.
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